Software Development
Exon Tech Ltd is primarily a service provider. We dedicate considerable time to software development, which gives us the in-house tools to compete globally, to give our clients the benefits that separate us from the crowd and to give our clients the freedom to operate using open software that is looking to the future. ​Investment in software development has allowed us to maintain very high levels of efficiency to compete with companies based in lower cost countries, at the same time offering new solutions, new tools, and new ideas. Our long-term software development program has increased out efficiency and added to our flexibility.
We create many in-house applications for our clients including Geometric Analysis, Calculation of Centre of Gravity Quantities, Surfaces Meshing, 3D Web Apps and Cloud based data linking.

We can develop software for all your technical requirements.

​Iso-Pipe takes the centrelines generated in Exon Cloud Tools (or from any other source), associates them with a piping class specification and size to automatically generate complex models of piping, valves, and process equipment. It can hold vast models, far larger than a traditional AutoCAD model could hold. The SQL database that holds this model can be used for many management tasks such as Maintenance, Costing, and refurbishments.

IsoPipe can output Plans Elevations, Isometrics and a variety of other deliverables, quickly and efficiently. 
The SQL server for all the software can be web based allowing clients modellers subcontractors instant access to the model as it is built.
This software gives Exon Tech a formidable advantage in the field of modelling. We can be very flexible about our clients using the software throughout their projects giving free access to the model.
Iso-Pipe in Action
Iso-Pipe Accuracy & Inspection


Exon Tech uses “Iso-Steel” our own modeling software, to generate steel structure frames from point cloud data. Using British steel standard catalogues, the software inserts best fit geometry steel sections to the point cloud, giving the client real usable data.

Iso-Steel Work

Exon Tech Point Database

The Exon point database (Point DB) allows points to be brought into a model in seconds, on demand over a large area. The database is geospatial and can be loaded from a variety of file formats. This database gives Exon Tech Ltd and their clients a real advantage in the areas of speed, efficiency and quality control. The variety of import methods means floor plans, elevations, steel-work and piping can be done quickly and accurately.

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