by Marco Lopez 08 Nov, 2017
On October 17th and 18th, we exhibited at the Digital Construction Week exhibition, hosted at the Excel London. Colleagues Samuel Verth and Shannon Pearson prepared for this exhibition for a two day event.

Shannon Pearson's view on the exhibition:

"Personally, for Exon Tech Ltd, I feel very confident that we have made some promising contacts and managed to gain a lot more from this particular exhibition. Many other existing companies were similar to ours which was great to see what their USP is and where we could possibly be going wrong or where we could improve if need be. The exhibition was extremely busy from morning to afternoon on day 1, and many visitors seemed interested in the services we had to offer and what we were promoting. Day 2 seemed much less busy which you would expect on a 2 day exhibition which involves the same thing, however, we still managed to make many contacts. Digital Construction Week was successful in terms of location, the types of visitors (people we want to attract to our market) and the other companies exhibiting. 

I also feel that exhibitions such as DCW and GEO Business Show, has really boosted my own confidence when it comes to formally speaking to members of the public. I also feel much more comfortable promoting the company when discussing BIM, Revit, Virtual Reality, As-Built 3D Modelling, Software Development and Asset Relocation. 

Samuel and I are considering exhibiting at Digital Construction Week 2018. We feel that if any companies who specialise in BIM, Geospatial Industry, Visualisation and Industry 4.0, then DCW is perfect for you."

In the Exeter office, we are extremely busy working on new projects which we look forward to sharing with you in the future. In the mean time we will keep you updated on social media.

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by Marco Lopez 05 Oct, 2017
Welcome to our first blog post! Here we will share with you updates on projects, team news, changes to Exon Tech and much more.

A few weeks ago, we announced on Twitter that we had changed our brand identity and we have recently re-created the website you are currently visiting. This was a big step for Exon Tech, as for 15 years, this had not been developed. To see such a massive improvement to our advertisement, it really demonstrated how well we could portray ourselves on the internet and made us wished we had done so sooner. Let us know what you think in the comments below ๐Ÿ˜€

This website you are viewing contains everything you need to know about Exon Tech, from history, to the services we provide and most importantly, the team! We have recently recruited some new members to our 3D modelling team and have a digital marketer who created our new website and writes our blogs for you. You can view the team by visiting the 'Team Exon Tech' page in the navigation above.

โ€‹Visit our 'Contact us' page to subscribe to our newsletter that we will issue out to you via email. The newsletter will contain a brief summary of what Exon Tech are up to with projects and more.

Thank you for reading this! We hope you look forward to our next blog coming soon... ๐Ÿ˜€

Exon Tech Ltd
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