3D BIM modelling has completely changed the Architecture and Design industry. It has not only changed how we represent building plans, diagrams and drafts but has also had a consequential effect on how exhibitions, conferences, trade fairs and presentations of architectural models can be done. Our BIM team have experience in the architectural industry after completing projects such as Govanhill Baths and our most recent project, Stonyholm Mill. 

The qualities of our 3D software for architecture include:

Realistic Representations - one can simply represent a design plan in 3D which would show observers every part, dimension and documentation of that particular plan
Animation - Our 3D CAD software can animate the project to actually give observers a realistic view of how a project would function
Virtual Reality Walkthroughs - ‚ÄčOur virtual reality ability allows us to embed the operator into the model. This is ideal for emergency training evacuations and site familiarisation all without travelling to site
Speed & Accuracy - Using a software completely eliminates the room for human error and also cutting the time taken to complete an architectural draft by traditional means in half
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