Disciplines such as highways, bridges and rail are all targets for Exon Tech. Using our 3D modelling software we are able to design and integrate roads, landscaping and sustainable drainage systems (SuDS). Our use of 3D modelling can give our client a clear understanding of the cut and fill operations and potential savings. We can also deliver a fully functional model from which precise sections and elevations across the site can be produced.

​​​By using illustrations of the infrastructure models, the CAD technicians and, more importantly, the public can now, have a clear vision of the final result. The project can therefore be analyzed in terms of efficiency and costs but also of compatibility with the surroundings and other existing projects. An final image is easy to share in order to reach a conclusion and make a decision.

​What are the benefits of infrastructure 3D Modelling?
Helps improve the existing infrastructure and can be used for determining the ecological impact of the project
Great presentation of the new project which can involve materials requiring a digital presentation, uplifting the general appearance 
Decreases the chances of costly errors - A 3D model can be changed a unlimited number of times before the project gets the final approval
Wales Pont Briwet
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