Match Marking
Exon Tech LTD has developed over many years an inclusive mark up and tracking system for the Transfer of Petro- Chemical plants that significantly increases the efficiency of the project.

It is the intention of Exon Tech LTD that its name should be synonymous with efficient cost effective and professional transfer of assets. 


In order to guarantee the effective transfer of assets Exon Tech uses the following systems:

Quality Control System
Site Procedures
Durable and Flexible Labelling

Quality Control System

The Quality Control System is a documentary system that consists of training, Site Manuals, Inspection, audits and reviews to ensure that every item is labelled and tracked into the container. The container is then tracked and the system picks up the asset when it is unloaded at the destination site and tracks it through lay down storage refurbishment and all the way to the build. All the procedures are designed to ensure that each item stays traceable – and we will be there to make it happen.

Site Procedures

The site procedures are formalised documents describing all the actions required on site. These documents form the training manuals for new staff and are the basis for Audits and inspections. 

Durable and Flexible Labelling

Exon Tech LTD has spent a long time developing a labelling system that is cost effective and durable. The method is resin bonded paper the clear resin is absorbed into the paper and bonds and hardens giving waterproof tough and readable labelling. Because the labels are printed directly from the database and include bar-coded data they are compliant to the database and can be read error free using a barcode reader.


The additional costs associated with a badly managed transfer can be great.

An independent contractor on the dismantling stage will have little or no motivation to spend money in order to assist the contractor employed to rebuild the plant at its new location. Very often even if the same contractor is employed for both tasks their specialist knowledge relating to Quality Control and traceability will, despite their best efforts lead to inefficiencies that are unmeasured and not understood.

If an asset is not traceable costs start to rise in many areas. Not only does the man hours taken to search for it devalue its own value sometimes making it worthless but its knock-on effect on the re-assembly project can be much more costly. Contractors, cranes, access equipment all waiting for untraceable items. Quite often these costs go unnoticed and are even accepted. This lack of traceability does not allow for accurate planning or costing on the rebuild but certainly allows for a cheap dismantling phase.


Our experience procedures and software have developed from our experience in the following plant relocation projects:

Unilever soap production from Port Sunlight to Czech Republic
Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics – UK
Nitric Acid Plant – Belfast – United Kingdom
IFI Cork Marino Point – Republic of Ireland
Nitric Acid Plant Immingham - United Kingdom
Petro–Chemical Plant Rosenberg - Holland
Ethanol Plant Pasadena Texas – USA
Celanese -Ethanol Plant Pasadena Texas – USA
Stirling – Ethanol Plant Pasadena Texas – USA
Milford Haven Oil Refinery - United Kingdom

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