Lets Work Together

We are not only 3d Modellers, we are also experienced software company.


We have developed many applications from Point Databases to As-Built 3d Modelling Plug-ins for AutoCAD.

As-Built 3D Modelling

We link exixting databases to 3d Models to make true enterprise level resources with fexibility and scalability

Asset Relocation

Our software can be used for 3D modelling, asset tagging, match marking, shipping documentation, isometrics, P&ID updates, Dynamic link to P&ID's


At the root of our activities is the engineering that is enabled by our models and data to be fully intelligent.


What service do we provide.
A brief overview

Exon Tech has a unique approach to its Products. We invest heavily in creating technology that

targets the efficiency of our deliverables. To this end we have created:

ISO-Pipe - Class Driven sql based with ISOmetrics and more...

ISO-Steel - our as built steel and civils Software

Point DB - our Indexed point database

VR-plant – Our Virtual reality solution for training in safety

As Built Piping Solution
Giant projects into AutoCAD and more
Billions of points
On demand into AutoCAD and more
Immersion into real As-Built Models
Visit sites from your office chair

Our Experience:

Exon Tech has a long history of as built modelling from Lidar Data. We have been creating engineering models since we were formed in 2001. Since 2007 Exon Tech has been involved with creating models from Laser Data. We have written software to assist us when commercially available solutions can be bettered. We have now created some wonderful models and mixed them with some exciting Technology to ensure that your experience with Exon Tech is forward looking and future friendly.

Milford Haven

the First as built model we created is shown beneath this text

Aberthaw Power Station

Model of boilers steam pipes dust seperators and all steel works of this 1500 MW coal burner

Georigia Gulf Methanol

Methanol Plant with instrumentation and down to 1/2" piping - see the renderings on the hone page...

Water Treatment

We have built up a lot of experience creating models for water treatment both in Revit and in ISO-pipe and Iso-steel...